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Clear Hurricane Shutters are the newest and fastest growing way to protect your home from hurricane force winds, rain and flying debris. The reason why people buy clear panels is they allow you to protect your home and let the light in during a hurricane or tropical storm. Our panels are the highest-quality clear panels on the market and for businesses, it’s perfect fit during storms. That way your business dosen’t appear closed when a storm threatens. Order Online Today!

  • Clear hurricane shutters allow light inside and vision outside during the storm
  • Will not shatter, rust, or corrode in time
  • Very light weight shutters
  • Easy to store
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Allows intermixing with metal storm panels like steel and aluminum
  • Can be installed in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)

The Eyewall Armor® StormLoc™ translucent polycarbonate storm panels have undergone extensive research and testing, performing superbly in wind conditions exceeding 180mph, meeting the current Florida Building Code and International Building Code wind standard (ASCE 7-10). They are also in accordance with A.S.T.M. E1886-E1996, and the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) TAS 201, 202 and 203 (formerly Miami-Dade PA 201, 202 & 203), able to withstand substantial impact from debris as tested for 9lb. large missile impact.

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Orlando Customer

Shutters were finished and installed in less than 3 weeks. Installation crew were very friendly and very professional. Will HIGHLY recommend them.

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